Evolution Awakes, the Rainbow Clan Shakes!

Asking, masking, what do you feel? I know, we are comfort over hear, but we need you to hold our arms real tight, because we are heaven's youth, who are born in the night. We need your blessings, to keep you without fright.

White Buffalo Calf Woman's Vision of Upper Heaven
A sea of red armies lined up in cubes, with fire rivers, all about each cube. And as I stepped back further, I saw a red path, the road, to heaven, that lasts and blasts.

Singing in the wind, "High in the Heavens, I emplore, give us your song, we adore!"

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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Gospel of the Hebrews

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 8:06 PM, Grandmother on the Hill wrote:

white buffalo calf woman,
a song for you so true.

"He who seeks will
 not give up until he finds;
 and having found,
he will marvel;
 and having marveled,
 he will reign;
 and having reigned,
 he will rest."
The Gospel of the Hebrews

Grandmother on the Hill
blessings and bows

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 5:45 PM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother wrote:

Aiyo (in the valley) Grandmother Upon the Hill,
and the hoops know where to go, four directions around the sound, swoop ..... it's down (another wave or circle abounds).

As we frolic upon the waves, let our hearts sing such praise.

White Buffalo Calf Woman says hey!
elder crystal child, iyeshka (interpreter)
alightfromwithin.org, rainbow warriors of prophecy

ps. "he" always pertains to light of maleness and the rainbow colors of fire, the outer sun, our flesh bodies.

(red elliptical path) got to find the end of the path, around at last, ha...it's a blast.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rainbow Clan Walks the Crystalline Stone River

Native Americans are Soul Elders.  Just like
us, they are learning to trust themselves,
to the soul, the emergence of the Sun Dance!
Here we are united in soul and flesh,
the blue and red roads cross to unite
the Morning Star (yellow way), the
sacred eight directions and here/hear
evolution, the place we stand!
I bless the nine sacred directions in thee...
In (heart), out (breath), up and down
(wind of all life, of the eternal circle)
n,s,e,w, here (evolution's path, to self
and as a whole with others, we call God).
An Indian (native american, red children, not to be confused with India, who are the yellow children) is a soul elder, but walks in the world as a child, always learning, always searching, how to dream, with a heart full, like a child (learning to purify, blessings pave the way, to lean on love this day).  We are here to understand, we are all part of the same clan, Rainbow Warriors are we.  We just have to believe. (Remember that white children are the father nation and black children are the mother nation. We all have our part to play.  But during this time in evoultion, we are learning to use our souls, to emerge, from the reflection of self inwardly to shine (trusting heart) and have a second birth of the soul. This is a time of awakening all over the world, full of prophecy at every turn.)

One little Indian (soul elder), two in a row (crystalline stone river), three to get merry (joy, yellow rolling hill, dreams), now, go cats go (follow the flow)! One little man child (perfect light and dark), coming on the run (having too much fun), wondering if everything is going under the sun (flowing river dance, upside down, per chance).  tell all the children, the souls do survive, coming and greeting all the knives (sharing and dividing, abundance for all.  you see everyone comes running to see if you will share, bringing presents if you dare).

One little Indian (soul), walking in a row (unites), telling all the stories (wisdom, sharing hearts), go cats (flow) go!  Wondering if the elphants (power of the red road, the law of love) will turn around and dance, speaking of the stories, by and per chance.  Will the seas (heart of you and me, the blue), fill up with breeze (winds of time), the whales do fill our hearts (with songs from heaven, elongated notes of powerful love), dabble down beneath the snow (lightly compact, where are glaciers are packed tightly together, where the crystalline stone river can float above the seas, the heart of you and me), where glaciers all are real (light show, when lights go through a crystal, it divides and radiates pure rainbow colors, the rainbow clan, we are all part of this flowing river). But now, we are one family (Rainbow Clan).  One (voice), two (united), three (joy) cats (flow) go.

Come let's be like children, but wise like the soul. One little indian, two in a row, three get ready, it's the sun dance glow.  Feel everybody, walk with your heart, show us how to deal, with those, who do not impart.  Velocity, come to me, spin a spiraling sea (evolution).  Where my vision carries me through, the heart of me and you (use love, to unite a broken heart).  

One little Indian (soul elder), walking in a row (on the path of the red road, the law of love), sharing the stories that give us gold (brotherhood). And when we get together (all colors) and realize, they (red man) need us (older flesh, we need them as soul elders), then all the little indians (flesh children), will be walking in our hearts (sisterhood).  Children (red man, yellow man and children) always impart, the treasures of our lives.  We are gifted, to share our knives (separating to give away, sharing).  Now, we have a way to live, because you put us through a sieve. 

Don't you sea, it's clear to me.  The horizon and all it's leaves (relatives).  My heart goes to and fro, pitter patter always knows.  Let the tears dry our eyes. Let the souls, stay alive. Share the beat, be the sweet, the smile that comes through.  It's me and you.

Come dance with me. Show me the solemn tree.  I have a way to survive, when I recognize the knives (sharing and dividing for all, we work together as one, an effort for all parts, to contribute).  It's relatives we meet, those who walk down easy street, always shining with their hearts, because they do impart (wisdom from our souls).

One little Indian (soul elders, twin child of man), comes to me, telling me, there's more in the breeze, but we must look with our hearts, to feel the heaven we impart (the soul, a light from within). We are greatness don't you sea.  Inside a soul that can relieve, all the sins, we do hide, to break up, with our pride (dancing sun dance). We are proud to be free, when we forgive all the leaves.  It's time for me to move on. I hope someday, they will follow along (find blessings and using love).  

One little Indian (elder soul with wisdom) tells me, feel with my heart in the breeze.  Can't you realize, that we are part of one tribe.  Rainbow Clan, you and I, always walking in this world with pride, knowing we belong to this world, where God is filled, inside, the Oneness, we call home.  Let relatives always roam.  Give up a place for them, for they are learning to swim (the blue or heart of you and me.
The butterfly represents the
flight of the soul, in the wind.
We all have a butterfly bone,
called the sphenoid bone that
bends each time we breathe.
Each breath (merkaba) offers
you closer to your dreams!

Come and dance with me.  Feel the heart so free.  Know that blessings carry you away, into the human flight this day.  Take your soul and learn to breath.  Take a breath and conceive.  Dream a world without sin, begin to treat your relatives in the wind.  Show them you care. Watch over each in your wares (in all you do).  The places you live in this world, the places you think you hide.  Always remember, there is one embrace. Look at this sky, and know, you are part of this taste. You want it to change, listen to me (all the other voices), the heart in the breeze.  Come and dance with me.  In the stars of the seas.  We are one voice in our head, with others who are bled (walking the red road, the law of love, the ones who suffer for love). 

(lowest red road note) And it's where we survive, when we bless all day and night.  We need hold a place in time, to bring in a heart of thine.  It's a red road, that we believe.  It's a heart that we conceive.  and it's dreams that sail away, when we choose the best way. When we trust our hearts, we are begining to throw our darts, at the target ahead, where the red road bled (suffering for all, for love).  And it's soon, going to change, you and me are in a new game.  And the hearts we beseech are going to need us to look clean.  We are purified in the wind, because we bless every day to begin, we are walking talking souls, who make up the rainbow (end lowest red road note).

Inside this road we hear all the lives, the entities that survive. And we need take note of this, all have a human kiss. They are real, even blind, just like we are too, down here on earth.  And it's what we need to learn, that blessings, teach us to yearn. Those who don't know how to speak, but can keep up, the blessings, and be neat. Always making sanctuary space, protecting all who are in their face.  Using love at every turn, even if we learn to burn.  We are going to have a way, to live sacred, when we pray (blessings with fire and water).  

Come and dance with me. Come and feel the breeze. Open hearts this day, walking still a new way. Trusting God in thee, instead of only man (vision with eyes, light space).  You sea (vision with a heart, dark space).  Come and count the rows, see the cats glow.  Know the rainbow show exists and you are just one kiss. Each of heaven and earth exists and it's time for us to learn, that we are part of this burn, the collision course heaven has earned (evolution through the use of love). It's evolution's awake.  We must learn for heaven's sake. Bless each day, eternally.  Bless the relatives in the seas.  Bless always, the way to believe, to follow the dream.

One little Indian we adore, bringing wisdom from the eternal floor, walking the red road, to fill our lives, always thinking we are part of this knife (sharing and dividing for brotherhood, the clan shares).  I don't want you to go away.  But someday, you may have to walk away, because you don't know how to forgive me.  But someday, you will forgive me. And on that day, we fly away, to rejoin our hearts again. We will be free, allowing our hearts to soar again. One little indian in a row (elder soul), two hearts that do show (united rainbow).  We can fly in the sky, always looking out and finding out why. Come dance with me. Flying over the breeze. My sails are set for you, to be part of the sacred blue.

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand drums and White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother sings for you!  The heart of the Rainbow Clan, needs a hand, to life the blessings, upon a stake, light the world, with prayer, do we hear, to be with God, the Sacred Rainbow (Clan) this day, because we are ready to be sacred slaves (servants to each other). For brotherhood will be known, when we share the cosmic throne, with those who are kingmen, the kinsmen of our lives, relatives, who gift the heart (leaves on the tree of life). We are all a part (Oneness of God).  Those who walk and talk the way, of the holy grail of God's days, that path of love is true, the Red Road, the law inside of you.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

buffalo.gif Buffelo image by elocmoz
Buffalo Home:
 the four sacred directions
of the Rainbow colors
each of us carry.  Our
Holy Temple that contains
our Eternal Soul.

Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts is united, we share with intelligence. However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of every one. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Prophecy Unfolds, Let Us Grow!

Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother http://www.facebook.com/whitebuffalocalfwoman

Beloved welcome into my heart, it's been awhile to sing to you, now it's about time. How are your doing my brother, willing to blow in the wind? We are going home real soon, and the Buffalo Home (sacred four rainbow colors in all of us) that's where the light shines, to bring the Bear (soul). We need brothers and sisters to take their place in the circle of life. And when we share our hearts, we long to find it from the start. Giving is easy my Brother, but receiving that's the learned way, to bee (sacred dream of the impossible flight we do fly anyway) the sacred rainbow, to glisten in the rising sun, now that's what is coming for all to learn to run (over the rolling hills). But too many just speak and not do what they say. Lets push each other to love each other more than mere words display. I know you wish for the same, but heavenly gain, does bring pain. And we delve down onto the Ground, where worship is in everything. It's time to bring home the reign (brotherhood leads the way, the tears shed for so many days and ways). Your devoted servant sings to you, blowing it in the wind. And Native wife, she needs to play a major role in the days, so pick up your knowing and bring it to the growing, as we all come home to play. white buffalo calf woman and relatives come, rainbow warriors who shall save the day!
Elder crystal person, Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

Billy Simmons Sr, the Rock http://www.facebook.com/billy.simmonssr

After so many years of being the way I am overtime I learned to face people in person with the barest of emotions not at all related to who dwells within my Spirit. I know that in your chosen walk of life upon the Earth Mother you have priorities that make your life as it should be. Such as it should be within all that is natural.

Many people have come to pass on the same path of the journey in my walk of life. I have tried to be cordial to them all and continue upon my way without hindrance to anyone, but my self. I have left no footprint of where I have walked as it is the way of long ago days nor any footprint of innermost thoughts that may have foretold of all things I hold dear.

You are a chosen one who has honored my circle of life. A trusted place without space nor time. Natural born from it’s own necessity. Both obscure and secure where boundaries formed in the foundries of the unforgiving can only adhere unto themselves.

Far too long have I watched from the inside of a balance that has no equal to nature itself or to the nature of people as a whole with few exceptions. With fewer expectations for the reality they cannot look upon for fear of the truth itself locked away within their own being. They look not upon their mistakes to avoid monikers of fail if they think it will leave them frail.  Mistakes uncorrected are only reflected back unto themselves. Wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. I have no need to heed the war among themselves for it is their own without a tome of truth under their own dome of self need.

I hear the Earth Mother as others ignore. Natural change has begun although in minuscule reform more in form of a moving ground that is around of all ever to be. A slight shift in a rift will awake sleeping mountains born long ago from their retire with fire to burn far and wide. The Earth Mother trembles to loose all that it would once resemble. Water from a thimble will triple then ripple quick to assemble where once was dry with a only a cry to fill the sky. The beginning will become the end and the end will be the beginning. Many will be lost at great cost.

Before this time was foretold Earth brothers and sisters did know that all the seeds of nature we will ever sow has to live without the need of a greed in life to succeed. If not life then will secede from itself to be no more as it was. The time is near that will share many a tear as the Earth Mother will tear apart.

Severe damage will come very soon with the quaking of many lands far and wide. It is time for the Earth Mother to reach a new balance and it will be so.

White Shadow 

The name my Indian Grandmother gave to me at birth.
Elder Green Person, Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

Fire Purification

It's time to grow and know, that love (red road) is the only path.  Do we shine within to glow, to show the way of know?  It's the soul that begins to flow (blue road), the truth that lasts and lasts.  Give your heart to blessings each day, before you lose your days.  Prophecy is everywhere, but do we even think twice?  It's time to run into the wind, to find a hallow place to mow (buffalo home, the four sacred directions of the rainbow clan).  It's the green grass home we lean on, the wisdom of eternal days.  Come to the age of dawn (yellow way), that blows in the wind. Time to shine as does the rising sun, the dance that glitters and glows (whitey way)!
Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE (fight for love, bringing two hearts together), then when two hearts united, we share with intelligence (discuss differences after the law of love is initiated and the foundation). However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of every one. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood) when the law of love makes a stand (sisterhood demands and is perceived)!

I Bless the Nine Sacred Directions

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Native Americans need sanctuary too. Share your heart, your pain, your clues (dream stories). We need you to begin the sacred walk on the Red Road. Don't stop. Blessings Nine Directions, we do flow. Down the rocky road, where the buffalo roam. Horsey tell me about your soul, the journey you do know? And Eagle you do fly over the mountain as high as the clouds? We await all your love. Native Americans, we need you to fill us up (spiritual know)!

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